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Meet Billings' Dance Photography Specialist:
Arica Lipp

Dancers are magical! They are disciplined athletes, artists, and performers. Such dedication and beauty deserves to be captured in a way that showcase that talent at every level and stage of their deveopment.


I should know. I've danced my entire life. It never leaves you. Dance is part of my soul and I know what needs to take placeto ensure every dancer has a photoshoot that is 




and fits their personality!

I've spent many years mastering the skills of photography so that I could become the ideal dance photographer.

I'm a multi award winning portrait artist and continue pursue the path of excellence (staying true to what was instilled in me as a dancer.)

My dance sessions include: 

A photoshoot either in studio or on location

professional lighting

expert posing and directing

several looks

and of course customizations to make your experience unique to you. 

No matter your skill level or age there is beauty in who you are and what you do and I'm here to capture it.

Please fill out my contact form so that I can get to know your dancer better and make their photography dreams come true!


Tendú and fill out 
the form

PleaseFill in with dancer's name and dancer's Parent or legal guardian's information.




How many years have you been rocking your dance moves?

Thank you for helping me get to know you a little. I'll be contacting you soon! 

Q. Do you have to be a ballet dancer or en pointe to book a photoshoot?

A. No. Every age and every style has beauty and energy to capture!

Q. How safe are the photoshoots?

A. Every shoot includes a warm up & stretch, a thorough check for environmental factors (slippery surfaces for example), as well as observing social distancing and cleanliness.  

Q. Can a friend or family member attend the shoot with me?

A. Each dancer under the age of 19 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. You can bring a friend with their parent's consent, and hey! why not make it a double shoot?! BFFs make the best co-models! 

Q. Where does a shoot take place?

A. You have many options! Your shoot can be in studio, at another location in Billings, or even another location outside of Billings area. You even have the option of more than one location!

Q. How many costumes can I wear? 

A. That does depend on how long a shoot you choose to book but usually 2-4 outfits per hour. 



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