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If it feels like there's a dance studio on every corner in your town and almost everyone you meet has a child in a dance class, you’re probably right. 

And guess what all these studio owners and dancers need?

Photographs for a studio owner may be used on their walls, website, and marketing materials.
Dancers will want them for their home, instagram page, and for auditioning into schools, companies, and summer intensives. 

And, right now, there aren’t enough dance photographers to keep up with demand. 

If you’re a photographer, this is a HOT and GROWING market that values your skills and is willing to pay a mint for them.

Why? Because by investing in you, they know they’re investing in the success of their business and future career as a dancer.

I work with photographers like you who are ready to build their business and break into the dance photography world. Photographers who want to stand out in the sea of photographers with gorgeous images - but often don’t know how to make the first step!

That’s ok, because I’m here to walk you through my entire process….

 I’m hosting 2-DAY workshops for dance photographers across the United States including Las Vegas, Denver, Tuscon, Orlando, and New York City!   A weekend packed full of business lessons, strategy AND shoots with SKILLED dancers so you can grow your portfolio!

Keep reading to learn more…..

This workshop is for you if…

  • You’re a photographer who is looking to find dance clients and get booked out months in advance.

  • A frustrated photographer who wants to break into the dance photography market (and work one on one with clients) so you can finally start booking business (and making money!) again!

  • A family portrait photographer ready to add to or swap out cake smash sessions for tutus (and clients who don’t side-eye your pricing).

  • A working photographer thinking about shooting dancers (even with no previous dance experience/background) - but aren’t sure how to make the transition from weddings/families/seniors.

  • A brand new photographer looking to portfolio build and break into the dance photography industry - but feels intimidated and needs a big boost of confidence and knowledge!

  • A dancer turned photographer who not only feels this is the perfect fit for them but also is serious about making money through dance photography.

  • Or a photographer who, despite having been in business for years, would love to put together a portfolio of dance images to help attract more dance clients.


the agenda:


  • On Day 1 You’ll spend photographing real dancers - these are not models- in a professional studio. These dancers will include ballet, contemporary, ballroom, and latin dancers. You will learn about lighting, how to pose and direct dancers according to their genre, age, and skill level, what gear and settings to use, and of course you get to practice photographing them to have amazing shots to your portfolio!

  • On Day 2 You'll get to shoot on location somewhere iconic, unique, and beautiful that will definitely add some stand out images to your work. This is what will really make each workshop different from the next but just as fun and valuable. 


  • Many educators miss this important step but not with me so bring a laptop and photoshop! I'll be right there hands on to help you edit and ensure the results you want and learn skills you'll need for special projects. Not to mention the connection and socializing along the way!

at the end of the weekend you’ll walk away with….

  • A portfolio of diverse images. Images of real dancers, each with a unique skill- to use on your website and social media accounts.

  • The skills to plan your dance shoots, from start to finish. Start charging what you’re worth (I’m sharing my exact process)

  • My favorite tips for finding dancers to photograph and making important business connections with dance studios.

  • Because this isn't a hobby (although we absolutely love every minute of it) it is a business, I will share with you all my tools and strategies needed to be ready to market your dance photography.

  • Know my 7 secret ways to add thousands to your photography business just with dance photography each month!

  • Renewed confidence + excitement about your business! Hey, you just officially photographed your DREAM dancer in a fabulous location!

Get ready to start booking clients!

what happens after the workshop….

  • You will be added to my private facebook group of attendees. Here you can connect, support, and receive feedback whenever you need as you continue your journey to becoming an amazing dance photographer.

  • You'll receive my posing guide for dancers to help you on your future shoots. 

But spots are limited to a small, intimate number. This is how I like to do things to make sure I can offer a quality experience to each and every attendee. 

Ready to sign up?!

Scroll below and click on the workshop(s) of your choice. Don't wait as I anticipate them to sell out! 


  • Get the most out of your investment as I travel to you & teach 1 on 1!

    4,400 US dollars
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"Arica is truly an incredible mentor. The way she talks to your dancers is so kind and fluent and truly gives the direction to the poses and expressions you need. The way she teaches is absolutely incredible. She goes over things in detail and never proceeds until we are ready to move on which shows how much patience and time she has for her students. She helps you to create art and beauty and it shows in every image. She is an artist and incredible teacher. Without Arica, I would never have known how to capture a dancer so beautifully and so elegantly without error."

Amber Rehbein

"I signed up for Arica's dance workshop because a photographer friend of mine was going and I'm so glad I did! It was 100% worth it! I learned so much!!! I have no dance background but by the end I felt comfortable working with the dancers, I knew how to work with them safely, knew how to market to dancers and studios, and had a portfolio! I even have just set up my first meeting with the manager of a dance studio! If dance portraits are even a little bit interesting to you then this workshop is for you! It will open up the amazing world of dance photography for you and give you the tools needed to hit the ground running!!."

Jocelyn Villagran

Working with Arica is seriously a dream come true! I am a beginner. Before the workshop I couldn't tell you what an off camera flash was, how to change my basic camera settings, or even shoot manual. By the end of the workshop I knew how to adjust my ISO, shutter speed, and aperture all in different types of locations and lighting. The images from the workshop have already brought me a new range of clients! If you are on the fence about booking with Arica all I can say is you will not regret it! 

Maria Leewaye

Arica's style is very inclusive and welcoming, and even though I have no experience with dance photography, I was able to learn so much from Arica that I will be looking for opportunities in the future to use what I learned.  Arica displayed a concern for the dancer foremost,  which speaks highly of her professionalism.  As a dancer herself, she is an excellent teacher in this specialization.  We had a professional ballerina as our model and this allowed Arica to really display both her knowledge of ballet positions and her expertise in how best to photograph a dancer.  She was very open in sharing with us what she knows and had excellent communication skills, explaining the 'why' of how she does things.  My only complaint is that there wasn't enough time to learn even more!  I highly recommend Arica Lipp as a dance photography instructor.

Dee Schroeder

"I absolutely loved attending Arica's dance workshop! It was well organized and thought out. The information she presented has helped me create a profitable new niche in my portrait photography business with dancers. Aricca went over correct positions for all of the basic ballet poses and movements and which angles are correct as well as flattering from the photographer's perspective. She directed us on how to coach and communicate with a dancer. I love the guide that she provided as part of the workshop and I refer to it often! She provided the most incredible dancers to model for the workshop and now I have a portfolio with so much variety to show m potential clients, just from a 2 day workshop! We photographed ballet, modern, and jazz as well as a ballroom couple in latin, standard, and theater arts styles. On day 2 we went to the most amazing outdoor location and photographed several different outfits and styles with our models. And even more than that Arica walked us through multiple ways to add dance photography into our business models successfully! She also answered all of our questions and gave incredibly helpful advice about directing, angles, lens choice, camera settings, costume tips, location tips, and more. I've attended other dance workshops in the past and they did not even touch on what I learned from Arica's workshop alone, I highly recommend attending and seeing for yourself!"

Emily Drew

Working with Arica is seriously a dream come true! I am a beginner. Before the workshop I couldn't tell you what an off camera flash was, how to change my basic camera settings, or even shoot manual. By the end of the workshop I knew how to adjust my ISO, shutter speed, and aperture all in different types of locations and lighting. The images from the workshop have already brought me a new range of clients! If you are on the fence about booking with Arica all I can say is you will not regret it! 

Maria Leewaye

"Arica was bright and full of life and was so easy to engage with. Little did I know just how talented and humble of a human being she was. She has shared her wisdom and knowledge for dance photography and kept me highly engaged, asking more questions. Eventually I spent a lot of time with her learning different techniques, which have helped me to advance in my photography. For anyone who is searching for an incredible teacher who knows the ins and outs of the dance photography world, look no further. Arica is superb at teaching and helping others learn. She is motivational, creative, and truly inspirational. If you're looking for a workshop to take, Arica's dance workshop is the one, as she will guide you through the steps it takes to become a successful dance photographer, which in turn will help you run a thriving business. Thank you again Arica for all you've taught me and continue to educate me on."

Jeremy F. 

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